Childrens Eyecare

Children's Eyecare

Our team of experts take a special interest when a child comes in for an eye examination. Children’s eyes continue to grow and develop and as a team we can help keep them healthy. Statistic shows that 20% of children have an undetected problem with their vision and most of these problems can be treated or corrected by one of our highly-qualified optician.

Children should have their first eye examination by the age of four and possibly sooner if any problems are suspected. The earlier a problem is detected, the more effectively it can be treated. If you feel your child is too young to talk or read a letter chart, don’t worry as we use a range of techniques and modern equipment to detect visual problems at any age.

Clear vision is important for children to perform well at school. A child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play. When a child’s vision is not functioning properly, education and participation in sports can suffer.

A regular eye examination is vital for children. At John Lewis Opticians, children’s eye examinations are anything but normal. We take extra care and we check the health of children’s eyes and flag up and vision related problems your child might be facing which they are unable to express. A child may not tell you that he or she has a vision problem because they may think the way they see is the way everyone else sees.

Our state of the art equipment provides accurate measurements and diagnosis for your peace of mind and our exceptionally qualified staff can provide you with exact information on your child and their eye health.

And if they do need glasses our team of highly qualified dispensing opticians can help you and your child chose a pair that’s comfortable, trendy but more importantly, suited to your lifestyle. Your little one will have a lot of fun trying on new glasses.

Childrens Eyecare